Hardwood Floor Care

Keep your hardwood floor clean! This is the most basic and simple way to preserve your hardwood floor restoration. Dirt and grit gets tracked on to your floors from foot traffic. That dirt and grit gets trapped between shoes and the floor causing scratching and wear. It is a wise to have rugs near the entry ways for people to take off their shoes.

Avoid high heels. High heels can be extremely harmful for your newly refinished hardwood floor. A lot of heels have protective caps on the bottoms but those often come off while walking. High heels can cause tiny gauges everywhere they tread.

Use Carpets in high traffic areas, especially. Place carpets in front of sinks, doorways, and in hallways. These are high traffic areas that typically show wear much faster than other places. Extend the life of your refinished hardwood floors by covering these areas. This will lengthen the time until your floors require sanding by years.

Do not use Murphy’s Oil Soap, waxes, or any other kind of polish on the floor. Using these products creates a wax buildup that will prevent a simple buff and recoat of hardwood floors in the future.